Elouai's Big Brother

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Elouai's Big Brother

Post  Admin on Fri Sep 03, 2010 12:47 am

HOH Competitions:

In this game i will pm you with questions about other contestants and count results. Person with most correct answers will win HOH.

Nominations (pre-veto):

For pre-veto nominations, HOH winner will pm me with his nominees.

POV Competitions: (pre-veto)

POV competitions will be send only simple normal challenges that you will understand and again person with best score will win POV.

Nominations (post-veto):

For post-veto nominations, POV winner will post decision of using or not here in this thread with roleplaying.


POV winner and others, exept HOH will get to pm me with their votes to evict. If theres a tie HOH gets to send their vote.

You need to apply like that:


And a picture of your elouai doll.


1. [username] - [doll's name]
2. [username] - [doll's name]
3. [username] - [doll's name]
4. [username] - [doll's name]
5. [username] - [doll's name]
6. [username] - [doll's name]
7. [username] - [doll's name]
8. [username] - [doll's name]
9. [username] - [doll's name]
10. [username] - [doll's name]
11. [username] - [doll's name]
12. [username] - [doll's name]
13. [username] - [doll's name]
[do not extend]


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